Super Kung Fu Flips

Prabhu just sent me another older picture from this winter that my brother Dharam took. Super Kung Fu Flips! Oh My Gosh!

I think Narayan is following in these footsteps. You should see him do flips off the end of our sleigh bed onto the mattress. I always get nervous when I see him do this. He is so energetic. I have to “park” my fears of him getting hurt sometimes and just let him have fun. That is one things when you are young which I think can fade as you get older. Fearlessness. I remember doing all kinds of wild stuff when I was younger, that I would never attempt anymore. Part of it is fear from experiences that I had growing up. When you are young your mind is fresh without fears so it is easy to not think of consequences and “Just do it!”. You also have a “fresh” body which can do amazing things. As we age it becomes harder if we don’t take care of our body and exercise on a regular basis.

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