Sikhs Ambulance Drivers – Espanola EMS

In our town of Espanola just about all the EMS (Emergency Medical Service) are Sikhs. They drive the ambulance around helping people who get in accidents, or who need to be quickly taken to the hospital.

Sometimes when there is a party you will see a few ambulances in front of the house, and neighbors ask if someone is hurt? But it is just them on duty waiting for an emergency call, but enjoying the party.

I posted this picture because I thought it was interesting and want to show how Sikhs with full turban and beard CAN be out there in the mainstream. It wasn’t easy, since I do remember hearing something many years ago about the hostpitals not wanting to allow a beard, but that was dealt with. The key is to be strong and maintain your values. Too many times I hear about people who cut their hair to fit in. I know it is hard, but such is the life as a Sikh of the Guru. We have to be strong and face these challenges head on. We can support eachother to make it easier.

ps. The above picture is of Dharampal Singh and GuruDham Singh. They had just got an emergency call…when I was talking the picture earlier today.

6 Responses to “Sikhs Ambulance Drivers – Espanola EMS”

  1. Hardie says:

    Keep up the gud work SINGH’s thats true SEWA…Waheguru Bless

  2. Anonymous says:

    Being Sikh I am very proud the way we do SEWA—-with pure heart without expecting anything in return. Waheguru jee ang sang.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I believe to know yourself is the key in the aspect of following any faith. I am a turban wearing sikh in NY, working as a Nurse Practitioner in the Open Heart ICU with, I think the respect of all my co-workers in regaurds with following My Gurus writings.

  4. Anonymous says:

    it was really heartening to see that-being a sikh-one does gets proud of the good things our brothers and sisters are doin-i do love this site as well.

    My heart fills with joy when i see alll the good work you guys are doin.
    keep it up
    waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh

  5. Nav Amole says:

    So in Espanola, are there many sikh poeple? I mean to ask, as per the percentage!!

    Which is the closest University to this city.

    Just curious. PLease reply if you know and wish.

    U are welcomg to visit my blogt and just answer in the comments.


  6. >>So in Espanola, are there many >>sikh poeple?

    We have a relatively small community of Sikhs compared to Sikhi World wide…but it is a thriving community of about 300 Sikhs.

    >>Which is the closest University >>to this city.

    There is a community college in Espanola and there are other colleges/universities 20-60 minutes away.