Weekend Fun….Monday…Thoughts and Ramblings….

Ok…it’s Sunday night and the weekend is pretty much gone. I had some good fun this weekend. Though… because of this blog I haven’t really been getting the break from the computer that I used to. It’s been fun though sharing with everyone. Ever since I started the blog I have been thinking about my life…Sikhs…Spirituality much more. It’s easy for me to get caught up in the day to day things that I am working on or that have to get done. Some times I can loose sight of my purpose. Having an “audience” to get personal with is making me think more about things.

This morning I went to pick up a tent from the shed at my old house and found some of my notes from pre-SikhNet days when I was working on a book for the youth. Actually before I dabbled in web stuff…I was writing a book of tools and information to help youth deal with all the changes they they undergoe growing up and integrating in this modern world (Drugs, relationships/dating, sex, meditation, parents, religion, peer-presusure, spirituality, etc). I went through so much stuff and learnt a lot from those experiences and knew that it would be benefitial to share that with others. A book from the youth…for the youth. In any case when I came back the the USA in 1994 and got connected on the Internet….I knew that was a better medium for connecting to youth. How many youth read educational books these days?? Everyone is on the internet. Anyways…it was fun reading some of the material and remembering those days.

To this day…even though SikhNet has been doing a great job…I feel that I have not really been able to do what I originally set out to do. We have many services on SikhNet…but I really wanted to do more with the Youth. It has been something I have been trying to focus in on for a few years now…but with the few of us that maintain SikhNet something always comes up and we don’t get to it.

One thing that I have learnt though is that everything comes at the right time. Guruji is guiding everything…and when the time is right we will have more resources (people, money etc) to be able to work on these projects.

I really want to travel more and interface with other Sikh youth. I sometimes feel disconnected from the rest of the Sikh community in our little town of Espanola. Whenever I meet other Sikhs while traveling, something always comes out of those interactions. It’s like building a network of friends with likeminded goals. It really does make a difference having that personal connection and actually meeting and talking to someone. You may read these words…but actually seeing and talking to someone gives you a different relation and understanding of who the person is and what they are about.

With SikhNet I envision virtual sevadhars all over the world helping build and maintain SikhNet. In order to grow this vision I see building a network of like minded people who have skills to share and are committed enough to make the time to participate. Everyone is busy these days… and for most $$$ and our day to day things tend to take priority.

I look forward to the day when more people’s lives revolve…. not around their job and happenings…but God…and connecting with their soul. People will be much happier, and have fuller lives on that day.

7 Responses to “Weekend Fun….Monday…Thoughts and Ramblings….”

  1. baljit kaur says:

    i think you are an american converted to sikhism am i right .i read your blog first time. i find it interesting.anyhow i want to know a lot aboutyou.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh my God you have such a beautiful family! I love your children! Also, loved the quotes you have written; definitely something worth pondering over. I will certainly be visiting this site again. It’s really interesting and fascinating to learn about Sikhs like you. You’re very inspirational. Thank you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    gurumustuk singh ji i really appreciate this post that you have made and i understand your motivation to make connections with the youth. sometimes, however, i think we tend to think too much about “i want to do this” or “my group should do this” rather than “how can i serve to help the current situation.” instead of wanting to have sikhnet do something, why not do nishkaam seva and help the organizations that are ALREADY doing seva for the youth. why are we so tempted to put our group label on everything and say “no this is a sikhnet project. sponsored by sikhnet. sikhnet invented it, etc. etc.”

  4. Hari Singh says:

    An excellent and noble cause – the welfare of the youth. But as you say.. only with Guru’s bakshish will these things happen – But having said them publicly, you have started the next phase. May Waheguru grant you every assistance to enhance your already marvellous contribution to the spread of Sikhi principles and for the forum to ‘meet’.

  5. Gurmastak Singhji,

    I just got introduced to the blogs that you created and i must compliment you on the fact that i really liked it!Its not that I was unknown to the sikhnet.com website but never really paid attention to the kind of work it was promoting untill now when i am in a different country than my own(am in australia).I definitly am of the opinion that if sikhi has to flourish it has to be thru the youth and no one else.I also agree to the fact that not many sikh youngsters know about sikhi and are ignorant to anything which is related with it!
    I am definitly of the opinion that we really have to do something to create awareness among the youth.
    I just came across a great effort by a company to launch a computer game “Sarbloh Warrior” and also the new animated movies Sahebzadey!
    These are a good beginings….Wud love to have some more projects like these and pls do count me in your efforts to do that!
    Watever I can do for the same I will do!

    Thx again for the efforts that you have been putting in!Count me in!

  6. Gurmeet Singh says:

    I am from India… i like ur blog.. u people are doing wonderful job.. which we can’t even think.. so for any kind of help please tell me what can i do for our community.. it will be my pleasure if i can do something. you can reach me at [email protected]

  7. Hardie says:

    GurMastak Singh Ji…
    I must compliement you for your hardwork and spreading the word of Sikhism amongst all. Also you quite rightly pointed out the issues that still remain with our Sikh youth. They are like foundation stone for any building and as they say if the foundation is not strong then the building can crop down anytime. It is utmost important for us to start working in this direction so that we dont damage our future.