Every Sunday after Gurdwara a lot of us go to the local high school football field and play a good game of Ultimate Frisbee. Have you ever played it? It’s pretty fun. We’ve been playing for ages (rain or snow). Well…I showed up late so was able to get this picture. Normally Dr. Kartar calls around rallying up the troops to encourage more people to come, but today….no call. I showed up and there were so many people there today. There were many of the kids who recently came back from school in Amritsar (Miri Piri Academy) and others who came for some of the summer events that happen in the next few weeks. Anyways…this is my only real sweat excercise during the week so I make the best out of it. Typing on the computer and thinking doesn’t count. (Kind of like the guy who said he eats vegetables…and when I asked what kind he said Patatoes….AKA: in the form of Patato Chips. Ok…I’ve digressed… Ulitimate frisbey, fun..lot’s of running and good excercise. Come play with us! You’ll have a good time and I’m sure be out of breath in no time. Whew!

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  1. I’m so there (maybe several months before I make it, but someday…).