M * A * R * R * I * A * G * E

Here is a talk given to the women at KWTC (Khalsa Womens Traning Camp – which is held every year in Espanola, NM.)

“You all have to realize what a marriage is. Marriage is not an easy path. Marriage is a life. Marriage is not a ceremony,marriage is God.

Marriage has not been understood by the Western world at all. It was understood by the Eastern world but it is forgottenthere too. So at this time, the institution of marriage is in total limbo. People do not know what to do with it; people do notknow what to do without it. So what we have found out via the media is that marriage then divorce and divorce then marriageis a continuous process.

But actually if we all understand what marriage is, then perhaps we can do better. Marriage is an institution of willingness, inwhich two identities want to amalgamate. It’s an amalgamation of two egos to bring out a neutral new personality.

What is the advantage of it and what is the disadvantage of it ? When this amalgamation happens then divine power in thepsyche starts to function. Without that, people are individuals and they will only yell and scream at each other and goodnesswill never come in that home. It is a granted fact.

Marriage bring happiness. It’s an amalgamation of two psyches. And when these two psyches are amalgamated, neither oneis an individual. There is no question of he and she. That’s it. There is no loss, there is no gain and there is no bank account.

“This is what my husband said” does not exist. “I will ask my wife” does not exist. If there is no confidence that the husbandcan speak on behalf of his wife and the wife can speak on behalf of her husband, they have not yet married. If this is thecommitment, that the husband cannot commit on behalf on his wife and the wife cannot commit on behalf of her husband, theydo not know what commitment is.

To make an alloy, you take two elements and put them together. The alloy cannot be separated. You can boil it, you canform the alloy into a liquid, you can totally burn it, but once it becomes an alloy, it will totally keep its own quality, ownquantity, own weight, own molecules, own electrons, protons and neutrons, and own combination. Whatever made brassdoesn’t matter. Brass has its own faculty, own quality, own weight and own property.

And that is what love is, that is what marriage is, that is what life is, that is what good luck is. There are no two opinions aboutit; when a male and a female merge together. That’s why we do it before God. That’s why we do it before Guru.”

Siri Singh Sahib Ji, KWTC July 15, 1984

4 Responses to “M * A * R * R * I * A * G * E”

  1. Anonymous says:

    MARRIAGE– I am completly agree with it. You actually put my thoughts in words, what i was unable to do.
    just wanna say THANX for that

  2. Lakbir Kaur (UK) says:

    You are spot on! Well explained…hope youngsters and elders! take this on board. Thank you.

  3. Jasmit says:

    i am 34,never married before. i was wondering is there any prayers i can do to get married. thank you

  4. Prabhu Singh says:

    Jasmit Ji, Here is a nice shabad that might help in your journey: