During the 1999 Baisakhi celebrations in Anandpur Sahib I saw this Truck. It is great. It’s the Super Fast Shaktiman truck.

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  1. Shaktiman!! I had ride on it many times. Since it was made for military use sitting on back of this truck is plain pain!!! You’d feel like being tossed in washer and if you’re tall then add additional pain of not being able to stand rather stoop. Later i discovered that best part to ride in this truck was to stand pointing your head out just behind the front part. Though many tried to sit on its tailboard but thats if you like non-stop kicks on your bums LOL. A very popular song we used to sing devoted to this truck in school days….

    Shaktiman, bari mehmaan
    haath mai biri, moh mai paan
    Chalo pitaji Pakistan

    I think this has some history with indo-pak conflict(1972)