Weekend Happenings

Well…this weekend was so much fun. It’s been a while since we really got out and did some stuff. The past months have been so many different house projects. Now that I am relatively done with all my spring garden projects and the grass is growing pretty well…now all I have to do is just water and wait.

It was Arjan’s birthday so we did all kinds of things. Went to Sadhana and the Akandh Path Bhogh, then Arjan wen’t horse riding, had a pancake breakfast with some friends at our house, squeezed in a quick nap, then off to Santa Fe to go swimming and play some basket ball. We worked up a good appetite and then off to eat. Dharam’s mother (Wah) was in town from Los Angeles. She is a musician and tours around doing concerts. She had a concert that day so we all went to that. It was a great day. Sometimes we get so caught up in every day things that we “have to do” that we forget to get out and have fun. We have to do it more often!

After the long Saturday, sunday was pretty much just relax day.

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