Welcome SikhNet’ers

I’ve been doing this blog for about two months now…but just posted a link up on the SikhNet home page. So, if you just came from SikhNet.com then WELCOME! I hope you find something of interest here. If not…try back another day. I add to the blog a few times a week, so really it depends on what is happening. Sometimes there are interesting things and other times not. I love photography and I love my family, so much of the blog ends up being pictures, rather than words. Keep in mind that this blog is my personal journal. Views and opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent the views of SikhNet.

Are you a blogger or know of another Sikh doing a blog?

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Ashvinder Singh
I want to thank my friend Ashvinder Singh for encouraging me to start a blog, and showing how easy it is. The hard part is putting interesting stuff online on a regular basis. You can also read Ashvinder’s blog at: http://www.ashsingh.com

One Response to “Welcome SikhNet’ers”

  1. Gurmit Kaur says:

    We desperately need role mdels like youself to inspire the younger generation in keeping Sikhi alive at all levels- locally,nationally and globally. Keep up the good work