If you were lucky enough to be at the Punjabi Festival you could have gotten some cool SikhMatrimonial “cash” good for free memberships. Unfortunately so many people get embarrassed about the thought of posting a matrimonial listing on the internet. Little do they know that thousands have found love this way. I would see people walking up to look at the flyers……and see their hand reaching for it…and then as soon as they saw “SikhMatrimonials” the hand would jump back!

The Last time I was at the Punjabi Festival a few years ago 4 different couples came up to me to thank us for providing the service (since they had met through it and were married).

ps. In case you are trying to be sneaky…the discount code in the above coupon is fuzzed out….so unless you are really smart or psychic it is only good for looking at.

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