Letter from Bibi ji

This morning I was remembering a story about Guru Nanak and Mardana, his companion, where Guruji told Mardana to go into town and purchase truth. Mardana spent the whole day going from merchant to merchant, trying to purchase truth. Every merchant turned him away and said they did not have it. Finally—feeling very sad—he was ready to return empty handed, when Mardana noticed a small store on the edge of town. He went into the store to speak with the merchant and asked him if he could purchase truth. The merchant replied, “Truth is death and living is a lie.” Mardana was excited to have finally found a merchant who claimed to have truth, and he rushed back to Guru Nanak to tell him. Guru Nanak confirmed that what the merchant said is true. Life is illusion and death is inevitable, for it is in death that we return to our true Creator.

All things come from God, all things go to God.” – Yogi Bhajan

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    Fateh! I love this blog, keep posting!