Kids and Pictures

Well… I have to say recently the blog has been prety much a Narayan Singh blog (my son). I can’t help it. I love taking pictures…and I am around him a lot.

Kids are so beautiful. They have such a pure innocence which is great to be around and remind ourselves of living life differently. Life can be so harsh and it is refreshing to be around kids who are so carefree.

That’s not to say that raising a child is easy…but it definitely teaches one many lessons. I’ve always thought of life for a person being in different levels. Kind of like Karate belts (martial arts levels)

  1. White belt – Single Person
  2. Brown belt – Married
  3. Black belt – Married with Children

Being married with Children is the ultimate level with many challenges and tests to learn from (along with the many joys that come along with this).

Well…that’s it for today. More to come tommorow. Our community is having a Healing fair to raise money for Miri Piri Academy.

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