Ashes of Siri Singh Sahib Dropped from Helicopter in Ram Das Puri

This morning our sangat gathered at the Gurdwara for the Bhog of the Akandh path dedicated to Siri Singh Sahib Habhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi ji.

We then had langar together, relaxed on the grass outside, and then went up the mountain to Ram Das Puri(Jemez mountains just above Espanola, New Mexico). We all gathered together to remember Siri Singh Sahib and watch his ashes be dropped from a Helicopter onto the land.

It was extremely cold up there because of the strong wind, so everyone bundled up as much as they could and sat under the large shelter which was built up there many years ago for our yearly “Summer Solstice” camp.

A few musicians lead the Sangat with music and chanting as we waited.

After the helicopter came it circled around a few times and then dropped the ashes. We then all gathered for a few minutes of silence to remember the life of Siri Singh Sahib. Ardas was then done and countless jaikaras were shouted out by the Sangat.

In January a portion of the ashes were brought to India and dropped in the river at Kiratpur Sahib. This was the final dispersal of his ashes as per Siri Singh Sahib’s wishes before he passed away.

Below are some pictures from today.

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