Late night ramblings

Well…Another day has gone by. There is always so much to do. I always have this feeling of racing with time. Trying to beat it to the finish line. To get that much more squeezed in the day.

When it comes down to it though, everything happens when it needs to happen. Some times I am trying to do a project or a specific task and there is one problem after the other. One time….Ok…I’ll try again. Two times….Might be a problems…Three times…How bad to I want to do this? Four times…Hmmm….maybe I’m not supposed to do this right now. You might call that superstitious…but there have been too many things like this at times and looking back I can say…”wow…if I had done that then XYZ would have happened”.

I try to tune into things happening. I don’t take things as coincidences. I feel like everything is happening for a reason and has some purpose.

So, back to “being busy talk”. There are so man cool projects to work on with SikhNet and other people/organizations and I wish I could somehow get more help from people. We are all busy with our jobs and day to day life, but if you can only experience what it is like to serve the sangat by helping create something bigger than your own day to day existence. It’s the stuff that makes life rewarding.

“Happiness comes out of contentment, and contentment always comes out of service.”

I always feel that the work that the SikhNet team is doing is just the tip of the ice berg. There are so many needs that our community has. If only I could get more people to help and be a part of our effort. I’m trying to network more with others and get out from behind the computer screen. I think it really takes connecting with people and inspiring people…so that they see the value.

We are all taking this journey of life and have a gift that can be shared with someone. It is up to you to look inside and see what the Gift is that you possess, and then open up your heart and share. See how rewarding that is for you and how it is sharing your light with others.

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