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Interview with Siri Chand Singh

In this interview Siri Chand Singh shares some of his experiences growing up as a Sikh and being from an African American background. Download the video

Guruka Singh: Being a Sikh

Guruka Singh is SikhNet’s Executive director and original founder of SikhNet back in 1983 as a BBS System. Late last year he changed his whole job focus…and decided to work again with SikhNet (as a full time job). For me personally it is so cool to work with him and share our passions for SikhNet […]

Interview with Prabhu Singh

This was another one of the interviews that I did last week with my good friend and fellow blogger Prabhu Singh. He shares some of his experiences as a Sikh growing up in Espanola, and his motivations and inspirations. Download Video Prabhu Singh updates his weblog on a regular basis at:

Hari Bhajan Kaur – Wearing a Turban & Challenges Growing up as a Sikh

This is an interview with Hari Bhajan Kaur who is another one of our local Sikh Youth. In the interview she shares her experiences wearing a turban and challenges growing up as a Sikh. Download Video

A Day in Espanola – Interview with Kirin Kaur

Here is a video interview with Kirin Kaur Khalsa describing a common day for many Sikhs in Espanola, New Mexico. She also shares her experiences of being a mother, wearing a turban and other things of interest. Download Video

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