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Day 9 – 40 Day Sadhana (Challenges, Parenting, etc)

Still going? Hopefully those of you who have taken on the 40 day Sadhana challenge are still going! It’s been a real challenge for me (to say the least). Sometimes I hear my friends who are not married tell me how busy they are. I always smile to myself thinking, “You don’t know what busy […]

Charanjeet Growing Up

Charanjeet Kaur has grown a lot. She is 7 months old today and changing so much. She has gone from the “baby blob” which can’t do much…to a Girl that is quite active and energetic. She is getting close to crawling…but is in so much of a hurry to stand. She is moving all over […]

Feel the light of Guru Gobind Singh

When I drive my son Narayan Singh to school the first thing he normally asks is, "I want to hear Guru Gobind Singh and Baba Deep Singh!! Papa…can you put it on?" These are two audio tracks from a CD called "Keep on Walking – Song of the Saints" by Indi Kaur. The images and […]

5 Year Old Father and Son

27 Years ago when I was 5 years old my mother took a picture of me in front of the Harimandir Sahib. My son Narayan has always liked this picture and loves to wear a Dhumalla and Kirpan. Last Sunday our friend Himmat Singh came over to show us how to tie a dhamalla on […]

Sledding Down the Hill

Yesterday we were lucky to get a bunch more snow. I don’t remember the last time we got this much snow. So, we called around and got a bunch of friends to go sledding with us. It was so much fun! We made a few different sled tracks…and then I ventured off to find a […]

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