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Time off in New York

I’ve been in New York visiting with my family and having a chance to relax away from work. It’s nice having a break and getting away. Here are a few pictures from today as we played at the park and just took it easy. [photopress:IMG_2850.JPG,full,centered] Up close and personal with Charanjeet. If you look close […]

Narayan Finished with First School Year

Well, the first year in Narayan’s school is done. Yesterday was his last day of KG class and he is on vacation for the summer! Yipppeee! He did really well in school and learned a lot. The past few nights Charanjeet has been sleeping better so we have all gotten some rest. This morning I […]

Weekend Fun…

[photopress:IMG_2791.JPG,full,centered] Charanjeet doing what babies love doing best. Here she is eating spaghetti noodles and then playing with the food. [photopress:IMG_2769.JPG,full,centered] Triple decker bus heading to the bedroom for sleep time. [photopress:IMG_2756.JPG,full,centered] [photopress:IMG_2753.JPG,full,centered] Amaji with the kids.. [photopress:IMG_2796.JPG,full,centered] Swinging fun… [photopress:IMG_2806.JPG,full,centered]

The Fountain of Youth…

Narayan was a bit mischievous this past winter and as a result I had to re-construct our garden fountain. During the winter he poked the bottom of the fountain and somehow punctured the rubber/plastic fountain lining. I tried my best to patch it up…but the water kept leaking. So in the end I had to […]

Vaisakhi Nagar Kirtan – Espanola

I think today most of us celebrated Vaisakhi and I am already starting to see tons of pictures online from everyone’s different celebrations. Here are some pictures from our Vaisakhi Nagar Kirtan, before Gurdwara. The morning started with breakfast at Pritpal Singh and Kaur’s house, and then we all participated in the Nagar Kirtan till […]

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