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SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa & His Impact on Me

Here is a video which which was shown at the memorial service for Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa (Oct 2004). It captures some themes that he taught throughout his 35+ years in America and worldwide. Download Video (44 MB) (Right click and select "Save Target As") A friend asked me to write something about […]

Gurbani MP3 Pick

Singh Kaur has such a beautiful voice. I grew up listening to her music. I used to go to sleep to it every night. Here is a live recording from the Gurdwara in Los Angles, shorty before she passed away (cancer). It is one of the tracks from that day which I call "The last […]

Gurumustuk’s Gurbani MP3 Pick

Here are some more Shabads from the all night Rensubhai Kirtan from the 2003 Summer Solstice camp in Espanola, NM. The first and second two are by different Sikh women. The first two tracks I remember very well (even though it was from 2 years ago). At the Summer Solstice camp I always seem to […]

Gurumustuk’s Gurbani MP3 Pick

Here are a few older tracks of Chardikala Jatha from 2003. I recorded these during the Summer Solstice Camp near Espanola, NM. On the last night of camp we have an all night Rensubai Kirtan. Everyone comes from their tents to the huge shelter which is converted into the Gurdwara. We sleep to the blissfull […]

Gurumustuk’s MP3 Pick

Peace Prayer Day – June – 2004 Every year at the Summer Solstice camp in the mountains above Espanola, New Mexico we have a huge interfaith event called Peace Prayer Day. We have been having this event every year for 20 years. It is there for people of all religions to come together, share our […]

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