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Perpetual Identity

[photopress:SSS_Aug._1991.jpg,full,centered] Here is another great lecture by SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji from Jan. 22 1989 that we heard in Gurdwara today. As always, his lectures cover so many interesting topics. In this lecture a few of the things that I remember him talking about was: being a parent and teaching your child, your name […]

Drawn to the Feet of the Guru

This past Sunday my wife Arjan wasn’t feeling well, so she stayed home while I took my 8 month old daughter Charanjeet Kaur and son Narayan Singh to Gurdwara. I like to sit right up front in the Gurdwara by the Guru where the kirtan is played. I find that I don’t get distracted as […]

Sikh Rock Sensation: Hargo

One of my friends Hargobind Hari Singh (Aka: Hargo) just came out with a cool music video. It’s always great seeing Sikh youth maintain their identity as a Sikh and infusing a spiritual message into their music. I loved the fusion of guitar, tabla…and the dhol beats at the end of the video. Nice Jacket […]

Love of Poetry and Sikhi

Guru Kirn Kaur from Phoenix, Arizona wrote a beautiful book of poetry titled "Pure Longing Fulfilled". She not only does poetry but is a really good artist. and had made some amazing paintings. I was reading through her poetry book today and picked out a few poems that I liked. Here are two recordings of […]

SikhNet Flashback – 1991

This is the SikhNet computer in 1991 in Oakhurst California. An new, powerful 12 Mhz AST 286 with 1 megabyte of expanded (not simply extended) memory running DOS. It allowed me to multitask using a DOS program called Carousel and run SikhNet in the background while I was working on other stuff in the foreground. […]

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