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Punjabi Interview with Chardikala Jatha about Bana

We just finished an amazing 4 days of the Jaap Sahib course here in Espanola, New Mexico. You all missed a good thing! We even had quite a few people come from as far as England! Those of you who missed it are in luck, because I recorded some of the happenings, and over the […]

Audio Recordings from Summer Solstice Week

Many people have requested audios from the week of the Summer Solstice camp, so here are a few for you all. If you haven’t already downloaded the mp3s by Ustad Narinder Singh and Murli Manohar (teachers of Chardikala Jatha) I suggest that you check those ones out too! The first set of audio clips are […]

Ustad Narinder Singh Sandhu (Teacher of Chardikala Jatha)

Many of you have seen or heard of Chardikala Jatha who are quite inspiring and do amazing kirtan. You might have wondered where they have learned to do raag kirtan? For quite a few years they have been studying music in Amritsar. This summer we were very fortunate to  have a visit with  their  teachers […]

The World is just like a dream – it will pass away in an instant

Earlier today I was sitting in Gurdwara and listening to Chardikala Jatha sing a shabad by Guru Tegh Bahaadur Ji which was about how temporary our life is and how fast it goes by. Sorat’h, Ninth Mehla: O man, grasp this Truth firmly in your soul. The whole world is just like a dream; it […]

Miri Piri Academy – Amritsar, India

In case you don’t already know about Miri Piri Academy (which is in Amritsar, India) check out the video at the end of this post. It gives you an overview about the school and it’s focus. This school is an EXTREMELY unique opportunity for a student to grow both academically and spiritually. Myself, my brother […]

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