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The Lavan in English

The Lavan is so beautiful! Guru Ram Das Ji wrote it for his own wedding. I love to read it every day out loud with my wife. Here’s my translation of it: LAVAN: SOOHEE, FOURTH CHANNEL OF LIGHT: 1. In the first round of the marriage ceremony, the Lord gives you His Instructions for performing […]

How I Became a Sikh

I’m from the same generation as Gurumustuk Singh’s parents. We were the “pioneers”… the first generation of Americans who realized that we were the Guru’s Sikhs. Of course, I was not born to Sikh parents. Most people figure out quite quickly that even though my name is obviously Indian in origin and my dress is […]


This is me and Guruka Kaur in 1975 posted by Guruka Singh

Why I tie a turban

Having not been born to a Sikh family, I first tied a turban in 1971 when I was 26 years old. It was at my wedding. I remember experimenting with how I felt with my turban on and with no turban. I would wear a turban one day and then try not wearing one on […]


Here is my lovely wife, Guruka Kaur, dancing at the 2004 International Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Conference. She is the Executive Director of the association which serves over 3000 Kundalini Yoga Teachers all around the world. posted by Guruka Singh

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