Here is another poem by Gurukirin Kaur from the same book "Pure Longing Fulfilled" which is a beautiful book of art and poetry. This poem tells the story from March of 1996 when Gurukirin Kaur and a group of American & Indian Amritdhari women were (somewhat) allowed to do the ishnaan seva at the Golden […]


Here is a beautiful poem and painting by Gurukirin Kaur relating to the longing of women to do seva inside Harmandir Sahib (The Golden Temple). It’s really sad to see that this isn’t allowed, and continues to be a political thing. Even though in Sikhi one of our most basic beliefs is equality of Gender. […]

In Bolivia on Guru Ram Das ji’s Birthday

Another letter from my mother Sat Kirin Kaur during her travels in South America. We are in Bolivia for a day and half more. I love it here. We are 15,000 feet elevation and I felt so "drunk" when I stepped off the plane due to the elevation. I started crying when I saw Shant […]