My Khalsa Princess

My Khalsa Princess

Okay, I have to admit I love having a daughter, and like probably most fathers, I adore my beautiful Khalsa princess Charanjeet Kaur. Today she turned five years old (with my son turning 10 in a couple of months). It’s such a blessing to have children. They teach us so much. On one side it can often feel like so much work and energy to raise children, but if you pay attention & work at it, they are little gifts!

Through every day life I learn patience, staying neutral and calm, how to communicate better and having fun (I’m too serious with my work all the time so the kids lighten things up for me). Since they are always watching you, being a good example is important so it helps me keep on track with my spiritual discipline. Children are still so pure and innocent and remind me of our source….God in all. It is as they get older that they learn prejudice, hate, division, from the adults around them.

Charanjeet was born right after the annual 3HO summer solstice sadhana that happens each year here in the mountains of Espanola, New Mexico, so it can be challenging to have a birthday party with so much going on here! Weddings…..thousands of people traveling from all over the world to this little town to work on themselves. This year we squeezed in a small birthday breakfast for her before Gurdwara yesterday with just some of the family. Yummy pan cakes, cup cakes, vege links/strips and hot maple syrup with blueberries. Yum..yum.

For so long Charanjeet didn’t want to wear a turban because she didn’t think it was pretty (as she compared it to mainstream girl images of princesses and "glamor girls"). We didn’t want to force her, but wanted to encourage her to wear a real head covering. I’m excited now that she has changed and now loves her turban. Adding a pretty khanda pin, chunni…and showing how beautiful she looks in the mirror really helped. She now sees the real Khalsa princess that she is. This past week I took a bunch of pictures of Charanjeet Kaur up at Summer Solstice and at Gurdwara in Espanola and it really helps as she sees herself and her own shining light.

Here are some pictures that I took of Charanjeet this past week from her Birthday, Gurdwara, Summer Solstice, etc.

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