Happy Birthday Mr. SikhNet!

Happy Birthday Mr. SikhNet!

Well, I’m posting a little bit early, but it’s kind of hard to catch Gurumustuk Singh by surprise. March 24th is his 36th birthday and it’s a milestone birthday. That’s because age 36 marks the beginning of a new 18-year Cycle of Life Energy. That means… well, it means lifestyle changes.

Every 18 years we enter a new Life Cycle. 18 years is a combination of 10 plus 8, which reflects the relationship between the soul and the pranic body. The soul or consciousness gives us our mission, our urge to live. The pranic body provides us with the energy to act on that life. In the first two 18 year life cycles, that energy is drawn largely from the physical self, the hormones, nerves and nutrients. But entering the third cycle, we must learn to draw more energy from the mental and pranic bodies. In this way experience, dimension and domain deepen in a way that just doesn’t happen during those first 35 years.

Gurumustuk is an artist at heart. He brings beauty out through all his work, whether it’s his amazing photography which sees into the hearts and souls of his subjects, coming up with new ideas or designing new content for SikhNet. His creative touch lives not so much in the language of words (though he does write some great blog posts) but in his relationships – not only with his family and the Sangat, but with everyone whose life has been touched by SikhNet.

In a way, he simply embodies SikhNet – its presence, its growth, its constant renewal, its original ideas and content. He is constantly aware of, in tune with and merged into the psyche of our global cybersangat.

Our Guru says that each human’s destiny is written upon the forehead – mustuk. And so the deeper meaning of his name is that it is the Guru’s destiny itself which is his mission and purpose in life. What does that mean? Well, look around… the old prejudices, fears and habits are dying away and a new consciousness is being born within the Panth all over the world as new generations rise up to take the place of the old. Gurumustuk Singh represents that consciousness of unity, practical lifestyle and human technology and, most of all, the purest love of the Guru and the Panth, which is SikhNet’s raison d’etre – to inspire the unity of the Panth and move all of us forward together into deeper understanding, cooperation, mutual inspiration and service.

So many lives have been touched by his work that I have the blessing to be able to say that I witness the Guru’s miracles manifested through him constantly.

On his birthday, I want to pause in the midst of our crazy SikhNet work schedule and take this moment to congratulate him.

Not just for SikhNet, but for his compassion, his creativity, his practical wisdom and his incredible service to the Panth and to emerging generations. He has excelled as a father, as a leader, as a sevadar and, yes, as my co-worker as well.

Gurumustuk Singh Ji – Happy Birthday! In life we rarely find people with whom our destinies are interwoven by such common joy, dedication and purpose. What an immense blessing it is for me to have the privilege to work with you each day. May you always be surrounded by love, joy, prosperity and excellence. You truly are the Guru’s Mustuk.

~ Guruka Singh