The Naad of Japji in China

The Naad of Japji in China

Sat Nam and many blessings.

A wonderful 3-day workshop, focusing on the science of Naad as described in Guru Nanak’s Japji Sahib is coming to the Ra Ma Da Sa Center in Fujian, China.

The Ra Ma Da Sa Center is located in a beautiful mountain area in southeast China – perfect for deep meditation and transformation. The center has been created to serve not only the Chinese population who have become interested in Kundalini Yoga, but also as a destination center for people in neighboring countries who would like to immerse themselves in meditation.
The workshop will take place from May 5-7. During the course, we will deepen our practice of chanting and increase our connection to the power of listening. We will also focus on having a more conscious relationship with our words. By understanding the nature of Naad, we will come to understand the creative impact that words and thoughts have on our life.
It is a rare opportunity and privilege to come do a 3-day workshop in this part of the world and I am very grateful to be invited to do so.  If you are anywhere in the vicinity and can attend the course, it would be a blessing to see you there.

The cost for the 3-day workshop is 470USD plus food and accommodations. For more information, please contact katilin at [email protected]

With Divine Light.

Yours humbly,

Ek Ong Kaar Kaur