Homosexuality & Being a Sikh

Homosexuality & Being a Sikh

Here at SikhNet we often get questions from users on all kinds of topics that normally people might be hesitant to talk about in person. Here is a video of me reading one such question to Guruka Singh. The topic of the video is about homosexuality and what that might mean to people who are Sikhs.

I have no idea how many Sikhs have same gender partners, however this topic is brought up from time to time by people who have expressed a lot of hardship in dealing with other Sikhs who are judging and criticizing their sexual preference.  I think it is important that we be open to talking about things like this and not be judgmental. I personally know a number of same gender couples that are really awesome people and would never think to judge or criticize their preferences.  A person’s sexuality doesn’t make the person.  Who are we to judge someone else. In any case….here are Guruka Singh’s thoughts on the topic….

For those that are interested, there is a website www.sarbat.net which has information and a support forum for Sikhs who are LGBT.

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