Cold Shower Anyone?

Cold Shower Anyone?

It is now officially COLD here in Espanola, New Mexico! Earlier this week we got our first freeze at night and now my garden is looking pretty dead. Most of the plants froze so everything is wilted. It’s still fall time and beautiful seeing all the color changes with the yellow/orange leaves of the trees.

 This is also the time when taking morning cold showers (before doing amrit vela sadhana) really does something for me! During the summer months the water just isn’t cold enough to have any "Kick!" if you know what I mean. The colder the water the more effective it is. I haven’t been taking cold showers regularly since it has been warm, but now that the water is going to be icy cold I think I will start back up again. It will help keep my body healthy and make me wide away for my morning Sadhana. No need for chai or coffee when you have regular cold showers! If you have a swimming pool and want to get really crazy you can try what my brother Dharam did one time at a friend’s house.

Sadhana = this is a term that many of us use that is generally referred to as early morning daily spiritual practice. Like meditation, Nitnem banis, yoga, etc. With the description below you can see how Kundalini Yoga comes into play after the cold shower :) 

"What is sadhana? Sadhana is to get up at 3 o’clock or 4 o’clock, take a cold shower.  That’s a first condition of sadhana.  Why cold shower?  Because your capillaries get clogged up, and disease can start, and when we put cold shower, right out of the bed you go before the firing squad of the cold shower, it opens your entire capillaries, because the entire blood has got to run out to protect the temperature, and thus all capillaries get opened up.  Therefore, when the capillaries get opened up there cannot be any clogging, and all the impurities come to the lungs.  Lungs get loaded, fine.  You start meditating, you start breath of fire, and you clean out the lungs.  Thus, you take your disease off that day forever!"SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi ji (aka: yogi bhajan)

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