The Garbage Collector

The Garbage Collector

The human being has a wonderful capacity to clear out the unwanted thoughts and unconscious accumulations, a.k.a garbage, through Mantra meditation.

The city of New York has a very wonderful system for collecting and disposing of unwanted refuse from the home. Unfortunately, most  human beings are not aware of the mental clearing system that we possess.  Even subconsciously, we continually absorb thoughts and data we cannot use, but end up lingering in our unconscious mind as “mental garbage”.

My husband & I attended a General Meeting of our food co-op in Brooklyn. There were over 300 people attending a very engaging meeting. Toward the end, one woman came to speak at the microphone voicing a complaint. Pointing in our direction, she growled about “those people over there, who were smiling and laughing. They should have been stoney-faced during the discussion of this very serious water contamination issue."

The chairman handled her complaint very nicely. He said, "I apologize for not being more stoney faced" thus neutralizing the words that were  aimed at Siri Vishnu and I. After the meeting, I said to my husband “she was talking about us, wasn’t she?” He replied, "Do not give it a micro-second of energy. Some people have so much accumulated anger inside that when given the chance, they will dump it wherever they can. It is nothing personal.”

Ah Hah!  I recalled how Yogi Bhajan often said, “I am the biggest garbage collector”. And we are so fortunate  to have the technology of mantra meditation that allows us to empty out our mental garbage of anger, pain, hurt, and disappointments, not just for us but for others as well. By practicing this technology, we can live light and free too connect with the God within each other.
Wahe Guru!

Blessings… Satkirin Kaur

(From my mother’s June email newsletter)