Family Reunited

Family Reunited

My son Narayan Singh is back home from India after about 9 months during his first year at Miri Piri Academy (Amritsar, India)! Last night my family and other parents stayed up late as we awaited our children coming home.

It was so exciting to see the kids again! My daughter Charanjeet was so shy but VERY excited to see Narayan. It was like two magnets clicking together as they came close.


I’m thankful that the journey home went smoothly. We got home around 1 AM and Narayan was so excited to see everything in the house. He went around checking everything out. Charanjeet was so happy to have her big brother back home and they slept in the same bed like peas in a pod.

I didn’t get to sleep till about 2AM (which is really late for me). Despite going to sleep so late I woke up when the sun came up and Charanjeet was up and about ready to go. I had to struggle to get out of bed and probably felt as ifI had a hangover (not that I know what that actually feels like, but I’ve seen people with them in movies.

It was mothers day and I had to get going even though I was tired. For mothers day I was making everyone a scrumptiously delumptious breakfast. Starting with drinks: fresh grapefruit juice, then a special tea for Arjan and then some yummy vegetable juice (cucumber, celery, carrot, ginger, lemon, apple). Then on to pecan pancakes smothered in maple syrup, yogurt, fruit, vege links, vege strips, carob banana milk shake (for the kids). Yummy!

Then off we rushed to Gurdwara, listened to some beautiful energetic kirtan by Chardikala Jatha who are back for the summer. Arjan and myself on behalf of the sangat gave suropas to the kids who came back from MPA and some of the MPA staff who were there in Gurdwara. It was so nice hearing Arjan tell little stories about each of the kids and seeing all these bright kids. Gurdwara was full of energy and buzzing for me. It was great!

I was so tired after Gurdwara from lack of sleep that I came home and crashed out for a nap. The kids didn’t seem to notice and just went on playing and watching movies. After a bit of rest it we prepped for our little backyard barbeque. The spring weather was so nice, and just being outside in the garden with happy kids was really nice.

Today was a great day and I’m really happy to have our whole little family together again. Sure I did miss Narayan while he was in boarding school, but seeing how awesome these kids are makes it all worth it. The kids that go to MPA get an experience unlike most kids who live at home and go to regular day school. They are in "Guru Ram Das’ "backyard" in the Gurus land! Not only are they learning regular academics, but they are getting such a wider experience living as a Sikh and experiencing it in such a unique way. It’s often hard to explain this to other parents. However when you see the change that happens in these children and the light that grows in them it’s amazing. 

Any parent who has a kid and wants their child to live and experience the Sikh lifestyle in a real (balanced) way should take a look at Miri Piri Academy and consider sending their child.

Narayan has finished his first year and it went so great. He excelled in school, art, music and just being a great kid. The experience that they get there and the bonds they make with the other kids is a priceless gift.

The kids have finally fallen asleep and again are like two pods in a pea, in bed together.

I’m looking forward to a spring and summer full of fun with the kids. In a few weeks we are going camping nearby with some other families for some outdoor fun by the lake/fire/tenting. Then in June off to visit Arjan’s family in Georgia for some lake side family fun. After that is a week or so of Summer Solstice with Narayan and then more summer fun. Let the family fun continue….

Giving the kids suropas

Chardikala Jatha Playing Kirtan