Mustache Mugs

Mustache Mugs

Before today I had never heard of such a thing as a mustache mug/cup! The mugs have a ceramic piece across the top to hold the mustache in place while you’re drinking! However, now that I think about it it is a pretty cool "invention". These particular ones are from a company called Shanware Pottery in New Hampshire.  They are absolutely hysterical and you can order them left or right handed, if you’re wondering.

Apparently these mugs were hugely popular in the Victorian era when men often had long flowing mustaches (i.e. handlebar, etc.).  These ceramic pieces helped keep their mustaches groomed and prevented the mustache wax from melting when they were drinking hot beverages.

Starbucks coffee cups probably do the same job for many, but I’m not a coffee drinker and like a nice cup of tea at home in a proper cup. 

I suppose for most people in the world these days it’s not a big deal since they don’t have beard/mustache! But for all us Sikhs who do have this facial hair you have probably experienced getting: soggy mustache (drinking tea), soup (daal) mustache, cake mustache, and all the flavors of mustache/beard snacks that get entangled in the glorious beard and mustache. I know many Sikhs like to use hair fixer to tame their hair, but I prefer the natural look, so maybe only some of you have these issues??

It’s one of those things which I don’t think is talked about much, but is something that us hairy folk have to deal with on a daily basis. I cannot eat a meal without having a good napkin close by. It would be dangerous, especially on social occasions without one! It pains me to see a fellow Sikh brother with "snacks" hanging out in his beard unknowingly. I think there is an unsaid "bro code" to give the other guy the "beard dhari check" which I normally do by looking at them and flicking my beard down. Most get the sign language right away. On the other hand, I do know some people who while eating let it all hang out and get saturated in the beard/mustache. I personally can’t handle that. It’s torture just watching these types eat!

As a Sikh Man with a mustache there are certain foods which are particularly "dangerous"!  Here are a few items on my "dangerous list". Mexican Tostada – With sour cream and Guacamole on top, Ice cream cone, Large Burger/sandwitch. What foods are on your list for hard to eat with beard/mustache??