When Cheap and Simple Is Just Fine

When Cheap and Simple Is Just Fine

It seems that these days I have been so busy I have opted for simple twitter/facebook posts of mobile pictures & videos, since I have not been able to post in my usual way on MrSikhNet.com.

My usual mode with photography and video has been using good quality cameras, however it seems that these days convenience and portability has brought on a new style of communication. In the past I think it was more about what was highest quality, but at the cost of complexity and inconvenience. 

An example of this is your typical video camera which records to a tape. I have recorded many tapes of my family over the years, but yet it is mostly stuck on these tapes because I have never had the time to do something with it & is complicated. I often suggest people to use the video mode on still digital cameras since it writes the video to a video file which is easily uploaded to the internet and shared.

I have been a photographer since I was a teenager, and in the previous years have used mostly more professional digital SLR cameras. These take high quality pictures which you can’t beat with portable cameras, however it can be a pain to carry around big heavy cameras (particularly now that I am a family man with 2 kids). I normally bring my small portable pocket digital camera when I go with family which is much more convenient.

I’m now in the mode where I most often don’t bring either of my normal cameras and just carry an iPhone. It doesn’t take as good pictures and video, but it is SOOO CONVENIENT! I carry my phone with me everywhere so if I need to take a picture or video I just pull out my phone and shoot away. Then, with a click of a button the picture/video is online for others to view. I use a free program from qik.com to actually do a live broadcast right from my phone and it then puts the video on facebook and my qik page. It makes sharing your experiences so much easier. I just downloaded an iPhone app called photoWALL which let’s me take a picture and right away post my photos to facebook, twitter & flickr all at once! I love technology!

Anyways, I’m just noting and thinking to myself how having something really high quality isn’t always the best. I am finding myself doing a lot more mobile computing these days which is great. I look forward to mobile computing devices really becoming full portable computers that you can do whatever you need on it.

 The wired article "The Good Enough Revolution: When Cheap and Simple Is Just Fine" goes into a lot of detail on this topic and matches how I feel.

I’ll be going to India at the end of the month and plan to make good use of my phone to capture lots of videos and pictures which I will be "Journaling" from during my travels. I’ll be bringing some of my higher quality digital cameras, but I expect that I might just be lugging them around and not using them as much.