Ocean of Pearls

Ocean of Pearls

I just finished watching a really great new movie called "Ocean of Pearls" which I highly recommend that you all see. This is one of the first professional western movie productions with a Sikh as a lead role in the story. Not only that, but the story of the movie deals with one of the issues that is so common for all of us in Western Countries; Living as a Sikh and standing out. It tells the story of a prominent Sikh Doctor who is struggling with his identity as a Sikh. He feels pressured to fit in and change, in order to "be successful" and achieve certain things with his career. In the end he learns a lesson the hard way and understands what this lifestyle is all about.

A few times in the movie I was very emotionally struck and found myself teary eyed as the story developed and I felt what "Amrit"  (Dr. Singh) was going through. Even though this is a fictitious story it shares a very valuable lesson about why we are Sikhs and wear this outside form. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way to fully understand. So while I don’t think it is necessary to cut your hair to learn this lesson, the good thing is that God gave us hair that grows back.

I have seen a lot of movies and it’s always a joy to see a movie that is not only enjoyable to watch, but is very meaningful.


Congratulations to Dr. Sarabjeet Neelam (The Film Producer) who I remember many years ago talking about his grand vision of making a Hollywood movie with a Sikh as a lead actor. You stuck with your goal in spite of all the challenges and made a great film! Bravo!

The music was so beautiful in the film, featuring original music by Snatam Kaur and Karsh Kale. I hope they release a movie soundtrack!

This was not your standard desi low budget film with mediocre acting. This was probably the first high quality Sikh related film I have seen so far. I hope that you all will watch it and support the film production so that we can have more films like this.

To find out more about the film Ocean of Pearls and find out where you can watch it, head on over to http://www.oceanofpearls.com