Protein, Digestion & Meat

Protein, Digestion & Meat


Food which gets into your body and which is not right food will bring out of you the rudeness.  Food can make you rude.  This "protein, protein, protein" that everybody is talking about is just a meat lobby.  Too much protein kills you.  Protein is the hardest thing to digest, especially if it is more than a reasonable quantity.  It makes certain glands work to their death.

To be frank with you, cancer is the problem of an over-heavy protein diet.  That is, if you want to know about cancer, eat too much protein and you will get cancer whether you like it or not.  An alkaline body doesn’t have cancer.  It can’ t create it.  It is too much acidity which makes you unhealthy. Vegetable protein cannot cause cancer. It cannot, We are talking about meat protein.  Meat protein is not eliminated from the body within 24 hours.  There is no vegetable protein which does not leave the body within 24 hours.  This is not a question of whether to eat meat or not.  That is not the problem.  We are talking about time and digestion.  You must not eat food which does not digest or leave your colon within 24 hours. That’s a basic human Law.  There is no "yes" to it; there is no "no" to it.

Only eat that food which leaves the colon within 24 hours.  Do this and you won’t have any problems, To tell how long it takes the body to eliminate a food is very simple.  One day eat beets with your meal.  You will see the beets in your stool and that will give you the time.  It is a simple way to measure.

You may ask, "And what about people who get cancer who have never eaten meat?"  Well, sometimes it is passed on by heredity.  However, consult the affairs of families which are vegetarians, strict vegetarians.  They do not even know all these diseases. What should we do?  Should we totally close our eyes to this fact?  In India, they eat tamarind, rice, lentils and yogurt.  They don’t know what fatness is, they don’t know what cancer is, they don’t know what impotence is.  They do not go blind.  There are diseases with which we are very commonly confronted that they don’t know at all.

Their disease is old age.  That is their major disease.  They don’t know any of these diseases that we find in the United States or in Europe and in some areas of northern India where the people eat meat.  Most of India, my God, they don’t know even what we are talking about.  If you speak of "cancer" they think you are talking about astrology.  They don’t even relate to what we relate to.  They are healthy, they live long.


Too much protein may cause offensive body odor. If you are a vegetarian and still have offensive body odor, it could mean you are getting too much protein, and too much uric acid is being formed in the body.  To relieve this condition, eat only vegetables, cooked for easier digestion, and fast on water 2 days a week.

From the book Ancient Art of Self Healing which is a collection of excerpts from lectures, notes and classes by SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa (Yogi Bhajan)