Living Consciously in Marriage

Living Consciously in Marriage

Here is the latest video in our recent series on marriage and relationships with the couples "panel": Guruka Singh & Guruka Kaur (Elder generation representing) and Arjan Kaur & Gurumustuk Singh (younger generation).  

In the video we talk about how you need to be aware and conscious of yourself, and that is actually the base of your relationship with anyone else.

The Guruka’s spoke very wisely. My wife Arjan also talked about some good stuff. It’s pretty awkward watching myself talk. Makes me pretty self conscious hearing me talk. I guess that is a good thing, because it gives me feedback as to how I talk, and becoming a more effective speaker.

I remember many years ago SSS Harbhajan Singh talking about taking a tape recorder and recording yourself they whole day. Then to play it back and listen. You’ll probably notice many things that you are not aware of. I’m learning. Aren’t we all?? I guess you are not a Sikh if you are not learning anymore.

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