What is Khalsa?

What is Khalsa?

When you are no longer the witness; when you are no longer holding out for a peek to see if you are ‘OK’ . . . you are then ‘OK’ to the ‘n-th’ degree. Unaware of all that you might be; you are simply employing life-force (Prana) as a means of being.

All that you are becomes merely what you are. All that you are engaged in becomes simply engaged. You are experiencing the experience without the need for a witness to witness the experience. You do not require anything to justify you or verify you other than the experience of your existence.

This is a state of grace . . . it comes from having confidence. The word is from the Latin and ‘con’ means – with – and ‘fide’ means – faith. Faith is a subject that has no object . . . it is never faith in something (that would be trust or reliance) it is just faith.

This confidence allows for many things including — the experience of life to be that of living the experience. It is when you have the experience of joy without needing an explanation of a reason; or when you experience love and require no justification for the experience. You thereby disallow doubts becoming the witness to your experience . . . there is then no disruption to the joy of your love. This is the pure existence having a pure experience. This is ‘Khalsa’.

The further you move from this purity of being and into the need for a witness, or to be witnessed; the more you must justify and the more you must employ the intellect to explain what you are experiencing. You are then not living the experience of life; you are witnessing the concept of life. This will naturally turn into pain and the purpose of life then becomes the avoidance of pain. It is then based solely on your conclusions drawn from your bias (angles of perception). To reduce this pain you engage in more witnessing and fill your time with explanations of the justifications of the condemnations.

Life becomes "unsafe" in this myriad of actions, distractions and reactions. Purpose becomes the need to guarantee safety . . . an unfulfilled and unfulfillable constant companion. In this endless cycle of pain to pleasure – pleasure to pain, the emphasis searches for a witness to witness the experience that is not being experienced.

Your task is to cast this cycle into a black-hole. Every galaxy has one. Dive into the experience of your experience. Become a Soul having the experience of a human being–being human. Be the experience itself and your birthright of happiness will appear as if it were there all along. Because it has been . . . it’s the cosmic law of time-space . . . it’s the nature of nature. Happiness is the experience of life — experiencing life.

Haven’t you – at times – sensed the faint sense of these hints within the glimpses of your experience . . . when you’ve allowed yourself to experience an experience from within the innocence of your faint but insistent courage? This is the true you being the pure experience! This is you being Khalsa.

(from Guru Singh’s blog)