Journalist or Participant

Journalist or Participant

With my role at SikhNet I often find myself spending a lot of time capturing events through pictures, stories, videos and music. The goal is to share things that might inspire you and others. However, I find that sometimes this is at the cost of not really experiencing the event for myself. Either you are participating and experiencing, or you are capturing and watching what is going on.

Over the years I have stopped some of the capturing and try to keep things balanced so that I have a chance to participate as well. Afterall, if my "cup" gets empty then I won’t personally have things to share. One has to make time to have personal moments as well.

I know many people who burn out on doing seva. They serve and people always go to them to get help with this or that. Sometimes it becomes too much and they don’t take care of themself and become over burdened with responsibilities. It can then become a negative thing.

As with all things in life, it’s a constant balancing act to serve others, yet take care of serving your own soul as well. Happy Vaisakhi to you all!

Below are a few pictures that I took on Sunday during our Vaisakhi celebrations. I feel like I have taken so many pictures of the same events that I don’t take many pictures anymore. Click on the thumbnail and then you can browse through them.

Vaisakhi Pictures
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