Sikhs Reacting from Emotion & Anger

Sikhs Reacting from Emotion & Anger

As a result of some recent events in the news it made me think about how some Sikhs react to situations when something doesn’t go how they want it to. It has become more and more common for Sikhs to lash out in anger and violence when there are disagreements. If something "unjust" or "wrong" is done, rather than dealing with things peacefully and in a saintly way some people feel the need to use violence to solve their issues. Violence is never the answer and only breads more of the same. Look at where fanaticism has taken many people in the muslim world with suicide bombing and other crazy things. People justify violence in the name of religion. There has been more violence and death in the name of religion than anything else! It’s so wrong. As Sikhs we should never fall into that pitfall.

I heard about a radio show in UK where someone on the air said something along the lines of "Baba Deep Singh ji’s head was not cut all the way off, but was only severed, and that he wasn’t fighting with his head in the other hand." He later received death threats and other verbal assaults as a result. The stand that some take is that if something disgraceful or disrespectful is done that "we must stop them", and anger/violence is sometimes the reaction.

If I started a fight every time I had a problem with someone I would never have peace in my life and would be in constant conflict. In many martial arts they train you to have the discipline and self constraint to never use the techniques. They are in fact there for self defense, not aggressive attacks. One trains and hopes that they NEVER have to use these self defense techniques.

In this modern time actual fighting with someone is almost never needed. Our first line of defense has to be our mental discipline. We have to be in control of our mind and body. This only comes through meditation and discipline. If someone throws insults at you, do you react and let your emotions control you? Do you stay in control; give the person a smile and mentally bless the person so that they can see beyond their anger? God is in everyone and everything.

I look at these situations as little tests to see how controlled I am. It’s not easy, and it takes awareness so that you catch yourself and don’t loose control.  It’s an art of communication as well as mental control. Man Jeetay Jageeet. Conquer the mind and conquer the world – Guru Nanak Dev ji.

My prayer is that Sikhs never use violence and hate as the base for any actions. Through the power of prayer and peaceful action we can move mountains and create much more change then would ever be possible through use of hate/anger/violence.

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