"One thing IS, (and that is) happiness.  Happiness cannot be bought.  If you have a good car, you sit in it and drive it.  You don’t leave it sitting with a cover on it.  Walk over the entire United States, and see if you can find one shop where happiness is sold.  You cannot.  This is because happiness is one thing which can never be bought and which cannot be sold."

Smiling Happy Sikh

Happiness runs in a circular motion. Thought is like a little boat upon the sea. Everybody is a part of everything anyway.  You can have it all if you let yourself be. Why?  Oh, because. Donovan

"Now, this is the secret of happiness: This last line.  Why?  Oh, because.  That’s it.  That’s it.  Why?  Because.  Whatever you put out will come back to you.  I myself learned the secret of happiness from this song.  And I’m asking you, whenever you will fail to understand and practice this line, you shall be unhappy … Even Almighty God who created this earth cannot keep you happy." – Yogi Bhajan, August 21, 1988

We all know what 3HO means, right?  Healthy, Happy, Holy.  Well, healthy is healthy.  It’s a spectrum of wellness and you can measure yourself on it.  Everyone is holy.  We are sacred beings and we all have nine holes.  (Think about it.)  So all we have to do is be aware and in control of whatever comes into and out of our nine holes.  But what about happy?  That one seems a bit more elusive.

 Most people ride the emotional roller coaster from day to day.  I’m having a good (or bad) day.  I’m feeling happy (or sad.)  But actually, happiness lies beyond emotions – it’s much, much deeper than that.

Sometimes doing yoga makes you feel happy.  Sometimes doing sadhana makes you feel happy.  But sometimes it doesn’t.  Sometimes a lot of garbage or weirdness comes out in your meditation.  But actually, those meditations where you process your garbage are the best of all.  After all, that’s why we do sadhana – to clean our subconscious mind, balance our positive and negative minds and stimulate our neutral mind.

So what’s the secret formula to be a happy person?  To find that deep wellspring of happiness that lies beyond day-to-day emotions?  Well actually, it’s very simple.  … Pay attention now, ok?

How happy you are is inversely proportional to how much time you spend dwelling on your own predicament in life.

Go ahead, read it again … I’ll wait.

Yes, it’s that simple.  Serve others and forget about yourself.  The universe will take care of you.  You do not have to do it yourself.  Every little baby bird and every little bug under a rock has its food provided for it.  Why not you?  Just pay attention to what the moment is asking of you and then do it!  Care for others.

Serve others, and let yourself be served.  Only those who spend their lives serving are truly happy.