iSikhi – Gurbani Search Application for iPhone


Just released today is the all new mobile Gurbani Search engine for the Apple iPhone and  iTouch devices. As far as I know this is one of the first Sikh related apps for the iPhone. There is MS Pocket PC version of SikhiToTheMax, but this is the only other mobile search software I have seen so far.

The Gurbani database on iSikhi is the same as the one from SikhiToTheMax so it includes Bhai Gurdaas Vaars and parts of Sri Dasam Granth.

You can download the iSikhi (Version 1) application on your computer by doing a search in the iTunes store, or directly from your device by going to the "App Store" icon on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Do a search for "iSikhi" and it will show up.

 More info and screen shots available at:

Announcement from iSikhi has finally released at Apple’s App Store and can now be downloaded to your iPhone and iTouch devices. We submitted the app to Apple for review on December 29th and it took almost a month for application to release. This was partly because of Apple’s slow review process and partly due to revisions we had to make since we’ve never released an app through Apple before. Nonetheless, the ice is broken and iSikhi is now available. 

We’re already working on the next version with punjabi keyboard support that is ready for submission. We would really appreciate your feedback, suggestions, and support at our forums on

Donations are welcome as well and will be used to support the iSikhi project. ThanksiSikhi Team

Video Review of iSikhi App

 Unfortunately because of Apple’s "Iron Fist" restrictive practices it takes forever to release apps/updates on the iPhone (through iTunes Store) so this can really limit what you can do on the iPhone and the amount of time it takes waiting for approval each release/update.

I have a jailbroken unlocked iPhone on T-mobile carrier so have the benefit of being able to install lots of apps that are not available on iTunes. I look forward to the day when these big corporations don’t have control of all these things, and all our devices are on open systems to fully enable creativity by everyone (rather than practices meant to keep control by few and make maximum money and limit competition).