I Love Paranthas

This evening I had fun cooking up a storm and a HUGE stack of Paranthas. I love those yummy round things! For me having them is a treat and not an every day affair so when I do make them I like to make a whole lot of them, lightly cook them, place them between wax paper, put in ziplock back and freeze them. Then whenever we don’t feel like making up something more involved we can always throw the paranthas on the pan, finish cooking and eat it! 

I made aloo (potato) paranthas with lots of garlic, ginger, cilantro, onions, spices. I was going to try paneer this time, but we didn’t have any, so I tried from fresh feta cheese in them. I love experimenting with foods.

Time sure did fly by! I started at around 6:30pm and by the time I finished and cleand up the kitchen it was 10:30pm. It was fun listening to up-beat music, rolling away the dough, while the kids watched Karate Kid III.

Here is a picture that Narayan took of me while I was in the kitchen….
Making Paranthas