Sikh Classifieds

Most of you have probably posted a classified ad in your lifetime to sell something, find some service or sell something. Well, lately I have received more and requests from people to have a place to post misc. messages about jobs, events, things people want to sell, etc. We haven’t really had a place for this type of thing on SikhNet. 

 So, with this need in mind we are setting up and testing a new free Sikh Classified Ad Service that the Sikh Community can use to post various things. (keep in that this is not a directory of website links, but a list of listings posted by people that will stay on the site for up to 60 days)

 In order to make this successfull I need your help. There are so many types of categories that we could setup, and I need your help to think of some, so that we can organize them into a logical structure that benefits everyone.

Here are some starting category ideas that one friend sent me. Please take 10-20 minutes and help us think of needed categories for things that would specifically serve the Sikh community. (you can check out craig’s list – for ideas to get you going)

Young People
Youth camps
Exchange Programs
Music Classes
Bhangra Classes
Punjabi Classes
English as Second Language Classes
Gurmukhi Classes
Yoga/Fitness Classes
Cooking Classes

Legal Services

For Sale
Senior Care
Bed n Breakfast