Well I’m back from a great week at the 3HO Winter Solstice Sadhana in Lake Wales, Florida. I enjoyed the time to meditate and take a break from every day life. It’s also cool to make so many new friends and meet other spiritually minded people from so many backgrounds. I took a few pictures…..and recorded one little video, but pretty much I took the forced "vacation" from my normal journalistic mode of capturing everything. 

Yesterday I drove a grueling 8 hours in terrible winter conditions to get up to Crested Butte, Colorado with my family to meet up with some of Arjan’s family for more vacation fun. It’s pretty scary driving in "whiteout" conditions where you can’t really see anything. I had to drive like 15mph much of the way. It’s was one of those tiring adrenaline focused trips.  I’m happy to have made it safely.

The weather is definitely not warm florida anymore. Here in Crested Butt, Co, it is now -15 degrees F. There is going to be loads of fresh powder today from all the new snow, so I’m looking forward to going snowboarding! It’s supposed to be a sunny day too! I’ll have to take turns going on the mountain since Charanjeet can’t go with us so one of us has to watch her while we go.

The kids sound like they are waking up so I should go….

Winter Solstice Stomp
Here is a cool video that I took with my tiny digital camera (so audio/video quality isn’t the best). This is from Winter Solstice in Florida. This is lead by Guru Das Kaur who got some of the participants at the camp to join in this fun Acapella "stomp". The video is the result of about three hours of practice and they did their "performance" in the evening at the "Yogi Tea Cafe".