The Power of Dasvandh

As Sikhs of the Guru, we understand the power of giving one tenth of our earnings back to the Guru.

So what is the secret of the tenth part?  Guru Gobind Singh, our Tenth Master, told his Sikhs that one tenth of the earnings we receive does not belong to us but it belongs to God – the One who gives us all ten tenths! When we give a tenth back to Him, then all of the wealth and prosperity which is ours is revealed to us and is bestowed upon us.  And yet, if we fail to give to God that tenth part which is rightfully His, that part is still due and then we may see unexpected expenses – it is a law of life, a cosmic inevitability.

"The Giver gives and gives, and those who take get weary of receiving." – Japji Sahib  (by Guru Nanak Dev ji)

 Das Vand is a pure and simple business with God.  The ten-fold return represents our interest and dividends already waiting to be paid to us from the profit sharing pool. We join the ‘credit union’ and automatically collect multiple returns by contributing our one tenth.

As Sikhs we share our earnings with others by giving one tenth of our earnings in charity, depositing cash or kind into the common pool, and from that pool multiple returns spill forth providing wealth and total sustenance to all of its contributors. But daan is not just ‘giving alms.’ It stands for seva. And for each of us, the Guru shows us how and where to give our tenth.

It may be local or it may be global. It may be to feed physical hunger or it may be to feed the spiritual hunger of the soul.

Personally, I simply set up a monthly EFT (electronic funds transfer) from my bank so that my Dasvandh is paid automatically "off the top" without ever thinking about it. It is simply "monies due" after income and before expenses. That is a part of my personal relationship with my Guru.

I invite you to contribute some or all of your Dasvandh to SikhNet in service to the Panth worldwide to aid in the work of feeding the hunger of the soul with the sublime food of Gurbani and Sikhi. It’s easy to set up a monthly EFT or Credit card donation.


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"Represent God in all you do, Happiness will run to you.
Have a lot of love, Have a lot of fun!
Walk this Earth like a shining sun, Nine treasures will run to you.
You are beautiful, you are bright, Show your love and shine your light.
" – Livtar Singh

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