My Mata Ji… SatKirin Kaur

SatKirin Kaur KhalsaI often meet people who know me and don’t know that my mother is Sat Kirin Kaur (and vice-versa). It’s always cool to make the connections of people that you know, but didn’t know were related. So, in case any of you had any doubts as to who my mother is you should now know who she is.

My Mata ji spends a lot of time creating beautiful music to uplift people. Some of her recent albums have been oriented to a wide audience of people who are not necessarily Sikhs, but are spiritually minded. She uses Gurbani, Mantra and affirmations as a meditation and a means for people to have an experience. The music is very accessible for anyone to sing or chant along with and is great to play all the time for the "good vibrations" that it creates wherever you listen to it.

I didn’t realize how many CDs my mother had made so far until I counted them right now. About 13 CDs! My favorite two CDs are: Universal Prayer (which I also did some backup vocals in) and "Lightness of Being". These are both awesome CDs that are sure to lift you up! You can listen to sound clips and order her cds on CD Baby and SpiritVoyage

When my 2 year old daughter Charanjeet Kaur hears one of the CDs she says very excitedly, "That’s Ama ji’s Song!" She loves to hear her "Ama ji’s" music…

My mother Sat Kirin Kaur just came out with a new album titled "Blessings of a Woman". Here is what she had to say about the album (text from CD insert).

"The most powerful prayer in the universe is the prayer of the mother.  All of us contains the identity of the Mother in Divine.

This collection of Shabads are prayers that lift your spirits and offer an exalted and intuitive experience of yourself.

Listen, sing and meditate with these prayers and be empowered women, mothers, sisters, partners- and nurturers of the world."

You can get a copy of this new CD on SpiritVoyage or check out my mother’s website at: