SikhNet Brainstorm – Give Us Your Ideas!

One of the great things (among many!) about working at SikhNet is coming up with new fun stuff for SikhNet to do. Lately we’ve been brainstorming possible projects for SikhNet for 2009-2010 and we’d like to include you in our brainstorm! So, we’ve decided to share our current ideas with you so you can give us your feedback along with your additional ideas and suggestions. We’d love it if you take a few minutes to look at our "short list" of possible new projects and then add a comment or two of your own. Our "Group Mind" is more powerful than any one of us alone, so please join in and help us brainstorm new, cool stuff for SikhNet to do. Thanks!

    Write your feedback and ideas at the bottom of the page…
    • SikhNet Mobile! Get nitnem banis, search Gurbani, listen to SikhNet radio and stream SikhNet videos any time right on your phone, and a special version of SikhNet designed especially for viewing on mobile web browsers.
    • A New Phone Audio Gateway to SikhNet. Just dial a local phone number to hear The daily Hukamnama, Gurbani radio, a children’s story or to receive a Personal Hukamnama at any time.
    • SMS text message subscriptions for your mobile phone. For examle, Gurbani quote of the day, Gurmukhi "word of the day, SikhNet events and news announcements.
    • SikhNet TV – New and varied SikhNet programming streamed through the internet and delivered through your television.
    • SikhNet "Widgets" providing modular content you can integrate with your own computer desktop, phone or web site. For example, the Daily Hukamnama, a random Gurbani quote or the Gurmukhi "word of the moment", news, stories, Gurbani Audio and just about all SikhNet sections.
    • You can subscribe to geographically relevant content from the SikhNet events calendar according to your personal location and be notified by email or SMS text message of Sikh events in your area.
    • New SikhNet Seva page with a list of SikhNet projects and who to contact so you can join that project team and work with SikhNet. For example, daily Hukamnama translation, News columnists, translation of kids stories into Punjabi.)
    • New Multimedia Children’s Section including web-based as well as printed comic books, animated characters to tell children’s stories along with fun and educational Sikhi flash games you can play online.
    • Your local Gurdwara will be able to create its own "mini-website" containing your Gurdwara info and local events. How about broadcasting video from your Gurdwara on SikhNet TV?
    • A redesigned Gurdwara Finder including a "Resources On the Road" section for those who are travelling.
    • SikhNet OPENSPACE Topics. e.g. – leadership, marriage, abuse, drugs, cutting hair, youth relationships. We’ll get the ball rolling with an inspiring video and then you jump in and join the discussion.
    • More SikhNet content in Punjabi. For example, children’s stories and Punjabi news.
    • A redesigned Gurbani section making music tracks much easier to find, forward, rate and download.You’ll even be able to upload your own tracks to the kirtan library!
    • Integration of the "Sikhi-to-the-Max" search engine into the Gurbani audio archive so you can find the words of a shabd and also listen to any audio version of it that’s in the SikhNet library.