The Wedding ScrapBooth

This past weekend four of my friends got married and people came from all over the place to be there for this beautiful double wedding. After the wedding we had a fun reception in the evening, but one thing which was different for me was "The Scrapbooth". Basically you pay for this company to bring an instant photobooth to your event and everyone takes pictures of themself. They then cut them out and past them in a "scrapbook" and write stuff next to the pictures with gold/silver pens. (this is then given as a gift to the couple). It’s a great idea and I thought it was lots of fun.

You can also view all the pictures online and download them (which I did). It was fun and interesting to see how people morphed into comedic people with different personalities as they stepped into the photo booth with friends. All kinds of personalities came out, which is evident as you look at the pictures. Normally introverted people just "came out"as the entered into the photo booth.

I made a quick little video in Picasa (a must have photo program) to show you some of the pictures from the evening. First part in time lapse mode really fast, and then the second part a bit slower.

If you want to look at all the picture online enter in the SessionID: november23