Live Video From Harimandir Sahib

If you are like most Sikhs….you probably enjoy listening to Kirtan from Harimandir Sahib (Amritsar, India). However if you live outside India, it is likely that you have to subscribe/pay for an asian channel to get this. I know in the USA they used to show it on a Dish Network channel for two hours every morning. Even though it was time delayed 12 hours or so it was still great. Then they slimmed down the time to almost nothing. I heard that it is only on for about 30 minutes now. 

Anyways…I’m thankful that I can listen to the streaming audio, but I just wish that SGPC would at least put up a simple webcam or something similar so we can see the Golden Temple any time (it doesn’t have to be a live video stream from inside Darbar Sahib!). Too much money involved in the contracts for rights to even speak about it. <sigh>

This past weekend I did a live video broadcast of some of my friend’s wedding in Phoenix, Arizona, and was just checking up on emails and happened upon some others doing sikh related broadcasts. I found one person who is broadcasting PTC Punjabi Channel (specifically the live Harimandir Sahib Video). Who knows how long it will last or if PTC will catch on and try to make them stop the broadcast, however,  For now….we can all enjoy tuning in at:

Also listen to Kirtan from Sis Ganj Sahib Gurdwara as well at –

Ps. If you register on the website and then add the channel as a favorite then you’ll get an email whenever the live broadcast is on.