Maple Leaf Sikh Blog

One of my Canadian Sikh friends has joined the Sikh Blogger "Club" with his new blog called Maple Leaf Sikh. It’s great to see a new blog with some interesting content. He always seems to find unusual and interesting videos related to Sikhs. When I last spoke to him he said that it was like his "bag of tricks" so when friends come over, or he visits other people, he has some fun and interesting videos to show.  

 His blog is still new, but there are quite a few interesting videos and blog posts. The first was about "Project Punjab" which is about Christian missionaries in Punjab "bringing people to Jesus Christ". I’ve read stories of this, but seeing a video like this puts a whole different picture out there.

Then there is this great video of a news story talking about Italy’s Sikh Cheese Producers. There they are making this high-end cheese for the world, and they are even fluent in Italian! I thought it was pretty cool. Let’s see what’s to come in the following months from the Maple Leaf Sikh! 

These days it seems that most of the Sikh bloggers have dropped out and don’t post things anymore. It’s great to see some fresh "faces" with original content. If you haven’t seen The Langar Hall, that’s another good Sikh blog that has lots of regular original content. If you have been thinking of blogging, go for it! It’s a great way to journal and express yourself to the world.

In the mean time, enjoy Maple Leaf Sikh and the other Sikh blogs out there.