Snatam Kaur’s Baby Shower and Weekend Pictures

Snatam Kaur and Sopurkh Singh
This weekend was pretty relaxed and nice. On Saturday we had a Baby Shower Party for Snatam Kaur who is going to be having her first child! Arjan was busy organizing and co-coordinating everything for the party. Normally only girls go to these parties….but Snatam and Sopurkh wanted it to be open to all, so us guys were allowed.

It turned out to be a very fun and special event. It started with 31 minutes of beautiful Kirtan by Sat Purkh Kaur and company. We then had lunch/food/socialized and then played some games. We played a custom version of the game called “Pictionary” where a someone reads some word or thing and they have to draw it on a paper with your team members trying to guess what you are drawing. The variation was that Arjan made baby/pregnancy related words so it was lots of fun. My team did pretty well because we had lots of veteran parents. Hahaha… it was good fun.

We then ended with a nice video which was a compilation of short little videos that Arjan recorded after Gurdwara one day. In the videos she is asking people to share advice and stories for Snatam Kaur, related to having a baby and being a mother. She just used my little digital camera to record these short videos and the night before the party I put the video together as best I could without spending too much time. Even though the video is directed towards Snatam Kaur there is some good advice that any of you woman out there might enjoy.

Here are some pictures from the weekend. Click on the image to view a large version and captions about the picture.