Winter Solstice Here I Come….

I have been planning to go to the Winter Solstice Sadhana retreat in Lake wales, Florida but have been stalling on making the plans final because airline tickets are so expensive these days. I finally settled on the an itinerary that isn’t my ideal but is much cheaper (flying on southwest airlines). If you are thinking of going and want to look for airfares you can use a cool search site called sidestep which is a big help.

End of December is normally when I take some time off for a much needed vacation. I’m fortunate to be getting both sunny Florida weather at winter solstice and then right after that skiing/snowboarding in the snow of Colorado with family. It’s going to be fun!

Winter Solstice is a totally different than the Summer Solstice in Espanola, New Mexico. It’s much smaller, cozier, less roughing it up. Really…it’s hard to compare the two events because they are  just different. I like to think of Summer Solstice as the "Pressure Cooker" and Winter Solstice as the "Comforter". Both of these events are a gathering of Spiritual seekers and for me a spiritual "recharge".

As with the previous few years it will just be the "boys" from my family. Me and my 7 year old son Narayan Singh will be going and my parents will meet us there, coming from New York.

If you are thinking of coming to Winter Solstice I suggest that you start making your plans now. Any of you planning on coming this year? There is always Summer Solstice if you can’t come to Winter…

You can see some of my pictures from last winter solstice here and here