Mexican Prisons Turn to Kundalini Yoga

Here is cool news report by CNN about Inmates at prisons in Mexico (the country Mexico, not "New Mexico", USA) being taught Kundalini Yoga as a form of rehabilitation. These teachers as you might recognize in the video stand out with the white turban and clothing and are a product of the teachings of SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa (aka: Yogi Bhajan) . Its really cool that people are making an effort like this to make an impact and change these people’s lives. This is the Sikh way of not just serving the people we know, but serving those in need.

What also stands out in the video is the actual Mexico prison system supporting this type of project! One of the prison official’s remark was very valid when she said, "If we just keep them here, just punishing them, they won’t leave here with a different spirit, another mentality. That would be a dis-service to society". This seems quite contrary to what is happening in America where a huge percentage of the population are in jail. The system is seriously messed up and our culture/society here in America doesn’t seem to help the situation. It seems to be partially driven by companies who profit off of the system, and would lose money if people "got well" and changed.

While 1 out of every 142 Americans is now actually in prison, 1 out of every 32 of us is either in prison or on parole from prison, according to yet another report on Americans behaving badly from the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

This means that 6.7 million adult men and women — about 3.1 percent of the total U.S. adult population — are now very non-voluntary members of America’s "correctional community"…more

Congratulations to Mexico for allowing programs like this and helping create change, and good work to Yolanda Acevedo and others with her doing this work!

This type of efforts of Teaching Kundalini Yoga, meditation and spirituality are the result of SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa (aka: Yogi Bhajan) who strived to create teachers (not get students), so that we could be of service to humanity and be Healthy, Happy and Holy (3HO). This is the birthright of every single person. 

Ps. Those of you who have taken a Kundalini Yoga class might recognize in the video the sound of the inmates singing the song,  "May the long time sunshine upon you, all love surround you. And the pure light within you, guide your way on." (But in Spanish). This song has become a norm when ending Kundalini Yoga classes (followed by long Saaaat Naaam).